“Party Animals” know when the liquor stores close. Alcoholics know when the liquor stores open.

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i think alcoholics know when they both open and close


I’m working at a liquor store today, and I opened. The first 3-4 customers show up within 15 mn of opening, and buy a handfull of shooters or a half-pint.


The real hardcore alcoholics will still try to go to the store after it closed. Source: Worked a liquor store open to 2am, and often had people banging on the window at 215 when Im finishing closing the store, or begging me to stay open 5 mins longer, or my personal favourite, people who come in 5 mins before, and then take 4 mins and 59 seconds to decide what they want, with me telling them they cant buy it once the clock passes 2am, and then bitch and complain they cant buy it because its illegal to sell liquor past closing time and make a big scene and tell me “they know the owner and I wont have a job tomorrow”. Alcohol really does bring out the worst in people.


Stock up early and stay off the roads! No way am I in any condition to drive near closing time.


I stopped in the local store on the way to work so I could buy a gift for a departing colleague. Timed it perfectly, so I rolled in as it opened and I could get to work close to normal time. That was the saddest liquor store trip of my life. There were 20 people all shuffling in together, and they all knew each other. The clerk knew them by name and they were all beelining to their favourite spot in the shelves. I grabbed a bottle and ended up at the back of the checkout line. More than half of them wanted to talk to me, making jokes and asking if I wanted to party. Someone’s grandma hit on me, saying she only needed the bottle and a man to make her happy.