People who snooze their morning alarms more than once every single morning, why not just set a later alarm?

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Bc there’s a time in theory I’d like to get up, and last nights version of me is convinced this time i will definitely get up.


Sometimes I have crazy dreams in that seven minute window.


The illusion of extra sleep is stupidly satisfying


I always set 2 alarms. The first is to jolt me out of a deep sleep. The second is to feel like I’m getting a bit more sleep and it’s easier for ME to get up on the second alarm. I HATE HATE getting out of bed on the first alarm on days I don’t want to get up. It’s too jarring for me. If it’s somewhere I want to go, no problem. Work? I need 2 alarms.


The multiple alarms bring me out of my coma in stages.