Pope, on Iraq visit, decries violence in the name of God as ‘greatest blasphemy’

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I know this may sound ignorant cause I don’t know much about Shi’ite Islam. But why is there a DBZ character up there? Please inform me otherwise


God the comments here are hilariously pathetic. A bunch on “enlightened” Redditors shitting on the Pope for the crusades and having a meltdown. Christian Iraqis have been systematically cleansed of the country for more than a decade now, for many having the Pope acknowledging them and spreading a message of peace is all they have in the way of hope. It’s quite literally a message of peace, there’s no mongering, no incitement, nothing that would make the Catholic Church look bad in this situation. They are doing something genuinely good, and trying to help their broken followers in a war torn region. You may not be Catholic, or even Christian. That’s not a bad thing, but let people who believe do so. If you were to leave the basement and shave your necks for a minute, you’ll realize that maybe showing some empathy is a nice thing to do once in a while.


So many angry people in these comments. I see nothing but progress towards peace.


I’ve pointed this out before, but it really is. People often mistake what the first commandment was about. So many think it’s about using God as a swear word. It’s not. It’s about performing actions in the name of God or stating something is God’s will which isn’t told to us by God. Don’t murder? Thats God’s will. Don’t steal? That’s God’s will. Winning the football game? Some family member’s health? The war in X? Not so much. Don’t use the lords name in vain, not because it’s a naughty word but because it misrepresents God to your own selfish beliefs and desires. Basically, it hijacks religion to misrepresent not only God, but potentially all followers and believers.


Greatest Pope I know of. Excellent Pope.