Princeton debate club votes to strip Ted Cruz of prestigious honor for trying to overturn presidential election

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It’s incredible that underneath the moron facade is a Princeton and Harvard Law educated person. He comes off so genuinely stupid. Especially as he rails against the “Ivy League educated elite.”


I cant believe I live in a country where a fucking debate club deals out harsher punishments for trying to overturn an election than the Government does.


He was the National US Speaker of the year in 1992, a champion debater. Now he’s just a ‘bater. This is a man who, because he has no ethics or morals, has squandered his gifts in exchange for power.


Like he’ll care… Well, he’ll pretend to care and then just caterwaul against “cancel culture”, then yada yada yada, the left is creating some Orwellian dystopia, flim flam flimbo, some weird fucking star wars reference that utterly fails to make a coherent analogy, and shmibby blibby boo, feign outrage and perpetuate victimhood through fearmongering… There you have it, conservatism in a nutshell.


I can’t believe all of these “Ted Cruz isn’t smart he bought his degree” comments. Ted Cruz is fucking scum, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one of the smartest people in Congress. Dude graduated valedictorian in HS, was national debate champion, graduated magna cum laude from Princeton and Harvard Law, clerked for the Supreme Court, ran the appellate lit practice for one of the top law firms in the country, and was a State Solicitor General Trivializing his intelligence just makes him more dangerous.