Proposed law could force ISPs to stop hiding true size of monthly bills

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With Xfinity i signed up for a 79 a month plan and my bill was 130. They told me to “Read the fine print” but all it says is “Additional fees may apply” Straight robbery


Who’s against this? How can anyone be against this?


I have a local ISP. I pay $105/mo for symmetrical 1gbps Fiber and a static IP. I’ve supported my local ISP and advocated on their behalf for many years now and it is finally paying off. Support your local ISP if you have one. Also, customer service is great. Just call, talk to “my guy” and fix the actual problem when needed which is rare.


ISPs in the US seem to be very complicated. In Aus I pay $79 a month, no contract, no cap, 45Mbs ($89 plan gets 85Mbs). It might not be the cheapest nor the fastest, but at least it’s straightforward.


But the ISPs will kill the bill. Don’t you get it? Big corporations will ruthlessly crack down on *any and all* external attempts to alter their business models!