Scientists calculate life expectancy of Earth’s atmospheric oxygen. Earth’s oxygenated atmosphere will most likely last another billion years, before it plummets relatively rapidly. By about 1.1 billion years from now, oxygen levels will likely drop to just 1% of the present atmospheric level.

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The money quote, emphasis mine: > The leading cause of this deoxygenation, according to the models, is the Sun. As it ages, our parent star is expected to brighten and heat up, which will increase Earth’s surface temperature and break down carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. **These two factors would kill off plant life, depriving the planet of its main oxygen source.** On a side note, emphasis mine: > While this find may not seem to have a direct impact on our lives today – **humans will no doubt be long gone in a billion years anyway** – it does complicate the search for signs of alien life. Challenge accepted.


Come on humans! If we all work together a species, I’m sure we can find a way to make it happen sooner than that


How likely is it for a solar flare to grill it earlier and make the likely 1.1 billion years time span highely unlikely? 😉


Damn. Gonna have to bottle up some oxygen then.


Oxygen and life could last a lot longer on planets around K type stars.