[Serious] What’s something creepy that has happened to you that you still occasionally think about to this day?

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When my friend and I were 17, we used to work in a pizza hut together. We were closing up one weekend, so it was about 11:00 pm by the time we shut down and were ready to lock up. When we walked out to her car there was an old lady sitting in her front passenger seat. My friend opened the driver door and asked the old lady before getting in “can I help you?” The old lady said “I just need a ride home”. So we tell her that we just have to go back inside and call our moms to tell her we’ll be late. We go back inside the store and lock the door and call the police. Within 10 minutes the police are there arresting her. Turns out it was actually a 47 year old man dressed up as an old lady. They found drugs and a knife on his body.


When I was around 13/14 I was home alone, upstairs, when I heard somebody busting open the kitchen door yelling “FIRE FIRE GET OUT”. I didn’t smell anything nor did I think that there was that could ignite a fire (I had ordered take out and all the things that could set a fire were off), so I decided not to get out, and called 911 explaining everything. The police came, and found muddy footprints in the kitchen, along with the kitchen door busted.


When I was in the early years of secondary school, probably 12-14ish, my mum asked me to take a bag of suger over to my elderly neighbour’s house as she’d lent us some sugar the previous weekend. Being a bit bratty, I didn’t want to take it as I didn’t feel like interacting with anyone. But I took it anyway… stood at my neighbour’s front door (timber frame, frosted glass panel in the middle) and knocked. Saw her walking down the hallway to the door and decided that I really didn’t feel like chatting (so rude of me but anyway!). So I put the bag of sugar on the doorstep and legged it back to my house, obviously didn’t say anything to my mum about leaving without talking to the neighbour. Three days later, my neighbour pops round to our house and asks if we noticed anything strange around her house in the last couple of days. Naturally my mum says “oh honey-bee went and dropped the sugar to you, I thought you’d have spoken then”. So I was caught out and had to explain that I’d rudely dropped the sugar and essentially ding-ding (edit: ding-dong) ditched. Neighbour goes on to explain that three days ago her alarm was triggered and her house was robbed. She had been interstate and forgot to let us know. It wasn’t her walking down the hallway to the front door but the people burgling her home… sometimes your intuition speaks to you in weird ways but that day I just did not want to talk to anyone and I still think about how lucky I am that I bailed when I saw that figure walking down the hallway. Who knows what could have happened. Edit: thanks so much for the awards! Much appreciated.


When I was maybe 10 I was over at a friend’s house hanging out. Her neighbor was out of town and my friend was feeding the cat while they were gone. So my friend and I went over to feed the cat. Immediately upon opening the door, we heard someone walking upstairs. They were loud, heavy, slowww footsteps – like didn’t even sound human. My friend and I just looked at each other and sprinted back to her house. The worst part was we told her mom and the mom didn’t believe us and made us go back and finish feeding the cat alone! We were terrified but did it. When the neighbor came back, they found that their house had been broken into. ETA: Thank you for the awards!! I’ve never gotten any before! As for my friend’s mom’s reaction: we were in upper end suburbs in the early 2000s – at the time I think people thought these were incredibly safe with no crime (not the magnets for robbery they often were). It also probably totally sounded like we thought it was a monster/ghost! At that age we didn’t really understand what it was. But definitely in the future when my kids are scared – even if it’s a “monster” – I will know better to listen to them!


Two days after I was assaulted by a man, someone left flowers on my doorstep without a note. If it was him, he knows where I live. Edit: thanks everyone for the kind words, positive alternative theories, and awards.