SpaceX is going to build a Starlink factory in Texas.

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Better watch out, the Governor will shut off its power if it gets 15 degrees out.


Brave of the company to trust that electric grid


Was this written by a bad AI or someone who flunked high school journalism? >Few days it officially to all general customers. Holy crap, this article is bad. Someone find a real news link and stop linking to this garbage.


So he can treat employees like trash with fewer protections than in other states. Shocking move.


You can hate on Musk as much as you like. At the end of the day, Starlink is doing more for rural internet than every other ISP combined has done since the internet’s inception. Folks seem to think that we can just go about easily laying down fiber infrastructure. Between the patch works of local regulations, getting around local ISP monopolies, and the sheer cost of it all; it’s not a realistic near future solution. Just look at the colossal failure that is Google Fiber, our latest example of the impossibility for even a well funded new player to make significant grounds in the established fiber ISP market. Additionally, you’re always going to have addresses that are falling through the cracks in any infrastructure expansion. My rural town is probably 95%-99% wired for fiber yet they won’t help us get it and neither will the state. Our only options for high speed internet are paying $100k for telephone poles or Starlink. 5G coverage here in non-existent and traditional satellite ISP makes real time communication impossible with 500+ms latency. So if you’re hating on Musk so much you wish to see everything he does fail, maybe you should check your privilege and consider the folks Starlink is actually helping.