Taxi drivers take passengers on longer routes from airports than Uber drivers by an average of 8%, with nonlocal passengers on airport routes experiencing even longer routing.

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Here in Las Vegas, if you suspect you’ve been ‘long-hauled’, call the Taxi Authority or visit their website & file a complaint. The TA takes that seriously.


And they still wonder why people especially tourists prefer Uber over local taxis…


Saw this in person in Vegas. Cabbie picked us up at the airport, we told him where to go, he mumbles something about taking streets, and starts heading away from the freeway. Not 30 seconds later lights are on behind us and the cabbie gets pulled over. My friends are wondering what we did. Cop comes up to my window and asks where are we headed. After we tell him he asks did the driver say it’s longer and more expensive the way we were heading? After we all look at the cabbie and say, Noooo, cop leans in and takes this guys license. Cabbie just has this sick look on his face and can’t speak. Cop says why don’t you drop these gentlemen off at their hotel and then then you come meet me and we’ll talk… Best instant karma I’ve ever seen. For the remainder of the ride we were all just laughing.


And they wonder why everyone ditched them like week old egg salad whenever uber got introduced.


This is why the flat rate in nyc from airport to city is best