Tens of thousands of US organizations hit in ongoing Microsoft Exchange hack

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*laughs in Gentoo*


Won’t go up because China is hiding it


What is the exact vulnerability? Can’t find info on how it was done. Do we know?


I think this is the time to limit or separate the areas and divisions of operations for all these giant tech companies. Take google for instance. It is into everything. Just using your gmail account alone: android phone, google voice, google talk, google pay, and so much more. If google gets hacked, it is such a security risk. It all boils down to these big techs competing to grasp as much big data as they can. In the process they open up to insecurity. Microsoft thru its 360 email for business has been hacked…see the fall out. And the Biden administration seems soft and cozying to big tech. Its not going to help. See how facebook tried bullying Australia. I foresee some future Dystopian continent being run by these big techs with citizens forced to have contact lens to view ads at all times.