Tesla Turn Into A Nightmare: Capitalization Lost More Than $230 Billion In 4 Weeks, Stocks Plunged Causing A Series Of Companies To ‘Collapse’, ETFs’ Price Crashes

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In other words, there’s a flash sale on growth stocks down on aisle 7


Tech and growth stocks are not being permanently devalued. If your investing timeline is greater than a year or two, you can ignore the flashcrash. We could be back to all time highs in a week, though, really.


TSLA P/E is still over 1000, I wouldn’t touch this stock with a 60ft pole


But value stocks like $gme are doing fine


There is a disconnect between Tesla the stock and Tesla the vision. If you listen to Musk over the years, this is precisely what he wanted to happen. To force the market into EVs and sustainable energy. He is literally achieving his goal. If you’re invested in Tesla, you’re invested in people who are changing the world. Short term market cap fluctuations are for the Scrooge McDucks, not Elon