Texas governor backs law to prohibit Facebook and Twitter from banning users

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So they are responsible for what users say but also have to let anyone say anything… Yup sounds like a republican idea.


Sure. Now apply it to country clubs.


> At a press conference in Tyler, Texas, Abbott argued that the social media companies have the obligation under a 1996 federal law known as Section 230 to keep their platforms open, and that violations of that law by Facebook, Twitter and others give Texas the right to impose its own state-specific regulations. This right here is a blatant misunderstanding of what section 230 says. You cannot violate section 230. It’s a passive protection that applies to literally all internet interactive computer services by default.


As a proponent of Freedom of Speech, I’m not okay with this. I support the rights of companies to determine what can and cannot happen on their platform. I do not support a top-down authoritarian approach to this, as there are many risks. So now Facebook and Twitter cannot ban pedophiles? Or animal abusers? Or people who post revenge porn? There needs to be more open discussion about this, rather than just either extreme of “companies can choose what they can host” and “companies cannot choose what they can host”… unless we’re willing to re-assign massive social media companies like Facebook and Twitter as *utilities*. So long as we accept that they should be privately run, they have rights. HOWEVER, in lieu of designating these services as utilities, I *do* support bringing anti-trust lawsuits against these fuckers. They have the right to determine what content they host… but our right to build our own platfroms where WE can determine what content WE host is irrelevant when there is no meaningful or practical way to achieve that without major companies wielding their market power to shut other companies down.


So private businesses aren’t allowed to exclude people for being dickheads, bullies and for breaking the law. Well that sounds just plain stupid.