Texas lawmaker who was in DC during insurrection refuses to release his state emails from early January

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>Under Texas law, email inboxes maintained by taxpayer-funded government agencies, including the Texas Legislature, are public. Welp. Fess up, Kyle.


Aheheh emails, you say? How deliciously ironic.


Wait, he is claiming that it would be illegal to release his emails because they are classified when Texas has laws where said emails are public? So this guy is breaking his own state’s law to protect himself because he most likely broke federal law. He also claims that no emails were sent or received during the time frame in question when they already have proof that is a lie. I have no doubt in my mind he is guilty, if not in relation to the attack on the 6th but something else. Anyone want to place bets on him trying to change his state’s law about government emails being public?


Um, how is this a thing? Just be like, IT… uh, just export dipshits email. Yeah, give me like 20. – IT admin


Serving in government, hiding behind supposed government rules, while advocating the overthrow of the government.