Texas power regulator rejects request to cut $16 billion in charges during freeze

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This is $16 billion they charged by keeping prices at peak emergency levels after the emergency had ended too.


Option A: kindness and decency Option B: $16 billion hmmm…..


They should have to pay the same rate in refunds to the people who had no power.


>D’Andrea added that a retroactive decision would have winners and losers: “You don’t know who you’re hurting. And you think you’re protecting the consumer, and it turns out you’re bankrupting [someone else].” WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO BE BANKRUPTED BY YOU NOT OVERCHARGING!? Jesus fucking Christ this pisses me off.


TXU estimates my next bill to be 350 to 375. It normally runs 120 to 140 a month. I’m gonna have to start an only fans. Just hope someone wants to see a mid 30s fat hairy dude cook steaks on a grill drinking shiners while only wearing a cowboy hat and whataburger apron.