The weight of school grades: evidence of biased teachers’ evaluations against overweight students. Results suggested that overweight and obese students were more severely graded, and an indication of heterogeneous penalties by gender, with overweight males being especially penalized.

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One thing I really liked about one of my college philosophy professors was that all assignments and tests were anonymous. Papers were typed, and exams were typed and/or scantron so he couldn’t learn your handwriting. Your grade was associated with your student number instead of your name. He wanted to eliminate as much bias as he could. I really appreciated that.


Males are always penalized more by teachers iirc, regardless of whether they are overweight or not.


This seems like an attempt to formalize and investigate part of what is known as “the halo effect”. Very cool. I kinda love it when serious investigations of pop psych and pop sci theories get tested and pop up on my feed. I really wish more were disproved though. It kills the fun when conventional wisdom turns out true. The really intoxicating science destroys conventional wisdom.


Bad grades are not equivalent to harsher grading, though? Maybe they just… did worse?


American students: “No, I’m Spartacus”