TIL a 90s “Watchmen” movie almost happened where Sam Hamm (Batman) wrote, Joel Silver (Matrix) produced, Terry Gilliam (Monty Python) directed, Arnold Schwarzenegger played Dr. Manhattan, and David Bowie was Rorschach. And the ending would’ve had Manhattan use his powers to prevent his own creation.

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The world was not ready for Arnold dong free swinging while fortunate son played


In retrospect it certainly sounds as if this wouldn’t have been a great movie by most standards. I mean, if for nothing else, simply because of the difficulty of bringing this movie to the masses (and especially in that era of film) – however, I totally wish it would have happened. Even an unqualified disaster would have been a beautiful trainwreck to watch if it involved Schwarzenegger and Bowie under Gilliam’s direction. While it may have bombed at the box office, it could’ve been cult status material for many other reasons. And who knows – maybe they might have captured ~~lightning~~ *radioactive particles* in a bottle too. Stranger things have happened……well, okay, maybe not this strange, but – oh my – what a glorious mess to behold!


Good lord – it sounds remarkable in its terribleness


There’s no way I can see Bowie working as Rorschach, but he would have made a plausible Ozymandias.


That sounds like we dodged a bullet with that one.