TIL a Danish ex-Jagercorps operative drove a post-apocalyptic 1979 Camaro through the war-torn streets of Sarajevo to deliver food to starving children during the Yugoslavia War.

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>First the Air Force techs stripped Meyer’s Camaro down to just the essential components.  They welded armor to the Second Gen General Motors F-Type body, fitted Kevlar inserts in the doors, and upgraded the 5.7-liter V8 350 (I’m guessing the Chevy small-block LM1 engine) from 220 to 440 horsepower, popped some Nitrous Oxide canisters in there, and attached a hood blower, an iron reinforced iron landmine-clearing blade, run-flat tires, and a huge armor plate to cover that rear window (which is great because those windows are so expensive these days that your Camaro is basically totaled if it breaks).  They kitted the interior with a military-grade GPS, a thermal imaging system, a high-tech fire extinguishing system, and a high-frequency ground-to-air radio.  They pulled all the interior lights out, so the car could run in complete darkness using only Meyer’s thermal and night-vision goggles for navigation, and they painted the entire thing with matte black stealth paint that wouldn’t pop on enemy thermal or radar.  The only part of the car that wasn’t black-on-black was the bright yellow rubber duckie they tied in behind the front grill. Props to the techs at Frankfurt for tuning the engine so it could haul those brass balls.


Real mad max energy


This needs to be a movie immediately


“The only weapon he had was a swiss army knife and his radioactive ballsack”.


Christ on a crutch. He must be leaving furrows in the ground wherever he goes with those massive brass balls.