TIL about Kiyoshi Shimizu, a Japanese journalist that helped solved a series of child kidnaping cases and released an innocent man from further prosecution. He also helped solved the murder of Shiori Ino which led to the changes to legal treatment of stalking in Japan

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It’s really important for everyone to remember that Japan’s crime system is potentially one of the most warped in the more developed nations. In Japan, you are immediately assumed to be guilty if the police have arrested you. It is not up to the court to prove that you’re guilty, it is up to you to prove that you’re innocent. Most of Japan’s convictions come from confession, and the police can hold you to up for a month (even more in some cases) until you confess. Legally, the police can even decide that during this month-long detainment you aren’t allowed to contact family members or an attorney. So, once someone gets too exhausted to go on and confess, they can immediately be prosecuted and put in prison for their “crime”, despite the Japanese constitution saying this is illegal.


Japan is really weird when it comes to this kinda shit, if you are innocent and put on trial you’re fucked even if you got a damn good lawyer and evidence. If you are a victim of assault or stalking you cant do much more than hope the perpetrator turns themselves in or do something really dumb that gets them caught


Is this the real life L?


That whole guilty until proven innocent thing is a problem in many nations. It stems from the ideology that every one is doing their job competently and for the best interest of all. But thats not the way it is.


The title alone reminded me of the anime Erased