TIL in the 2008 Olympics 200m race, Shawn Crawford finished 4th, but after 2 sprinters were disqualified for running outside their lanes, he received the silver medal. After the Olympics, he gave the medal to the 2nd-placed athlete, with a note saying “You ran a silver medal race and deserve this”

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>”Some people say, ‘It’s big of you to do that – it shows a true athlete,'” Crawford said. “Some say, ‘How could you give it up? You step on the line, you’re disqualified. You should be happy to accept it.’ I didn’t expect to finish in fourth and walk away with silver. I never felt like it was rightfully mine.”… >Crawford brought the box with the medal to the front desk of the hotel where Martina was staying, asking the staff to give it to him. He also wrote a short note on hotel stationary that simply read, “You ran a silver medal race and deserve this medal.”… >The medal exchange turned out to be little more than a gesture, however. The Court of Arbitration for Sport recently rejected Martina’s claim that he should be listed as runner-up behind Bolt. >Crawford’s name will still appear as the silver medalist, while Walter Dix of the US retains the bronze.


Not only that, at the time of the race he was the defending Olympic champion. He is also the last person not named Usain Bolt to win gold in this event.


The irony of this post getting a silver award


Great gesture although every single athlete in that race wanted gold. They’ve all grown up as the fastest 200m runner in their house, neighbourhood, town, city, county, state and probably country.


Since they ran outside their lanes, they did not, in fact, run a silver medal race. Sports have rules. Sports ARE rules.