TIL of Sam Ballard, who became quadriplegic after swallowing a slug on a dare and contracted rat lungworm disease. A rat first coughs up, swallows, and poops out larvae. Slugs eat the poop. After humans eat slug, the larvae dig out of the intestine, travel up the spine, and burrow into the brain.

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Note to self – don’t eat slugs. Got it!


I had this! Not as bad as this dude, didn’t swallow a slug. I was hiking a park in Hawaii and filled my water bottle from the bathroom sink at the public bathroom in the park. That was a mistake as apparently Hawaii doesn’t treat this water like the other states? Some dude saw me and warned me not to drink it which I didn’t but after pouring it out some of the water must have been left in the threads of the bottle and I didn’t rinse the bottle thoroughly. bada bing, I have rat lungs ​ Had a decent brain fog and headache for a couple weeks, couldn’t seem to get the words I wanted to say and the words that came out of my mouth coordinated, which was scary af until I put everything together and realized what was going on. There is not much they can really do for you I guess, the parasite can’t live in the human body indefinitely and will be killed by the immune system after a time. I was just lucky I didn’t ingest more of the larvae, I could be dead for sure.


I often think about the early times of mankind and how they figured out what to eat. That always makes me think of the movie Caveman.


This brain slug was created by a loving God as part of his plan for you, then collected by Moses and put on his arc then let free so it could burrow through your intestines into your brain.


Rolling a 1 on a constitution check.