TIL that Argentina has the most pets per capita, with 80% of the population having a pet. Argentineans have the most dogs (66% of pet-owners), Russians have the most cats (57% of pet-owners), Turks have the most birds (20% of the population), and Chinese have the most fish (17% of the population)

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There are also a huge number of stray or wild dogs in Argentina.


Why did you switch from the percent of pet owners that have a particular animal to the percent of the general population that has a particular animal? 66% of 80% of Argentina has a dog, 17% of the general population of China has a fish.


So thats why fievel mousekewitz wanted to leave. There are nooo cats in america!


There is a wise proverb here in Argentina that says: “The more I know about people, the more I love my dog”.


FYI there’s a mistake in OP’s title – the Russia stat is of the population, not of pet owners.