TIL that crowd noises for the movie ‘Spartacus’ [1960] were recorded at Spartan Stadium of MSU. Prior to a football game between MSU and Notre Dame, 76,000 spectators were instructed by actor John Gavin [Caesar] to roar, ‘Spartacus! Spartacus!’, ‘Hail Crassus’ and of course, ‘I’m Spartacus!’

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Gosh I wish I had been there. I’d be living large on fat royalty checks.


They won 19-0. That means they either kicked 4 field goals, 2 and missed a point after, or missed 2 point after attempts. This is an interesting story but I’m just thrown off by that weird ass score.


Go green!


MSU’s coach at the time was Duffy Daugherty. He pioneered the recruiting of black players from the Deep South to play in the Big Ten. They were huge guys, 300-350lbs, strong and fast (e.g. Bubba Smith). Particularly on defense, it was an extremely effective strategy. Their 1965 team held Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame to negative yards rushing—only time in history that’s been accomplished. Today, with teams like Clemson and Alabama thoroughly integrated, it’s hard to imagine Daugherty’s strategy as being clever, or enlightened. “The scoreboard is color-blind”.


I had legitimately wondered how they designed the sound for those scenes. How lovely