TIL that Elizabeth Coleman White, whose family owned a cranberry farm, teamed up with botanist Frederick Coville to develop and cultivate the first blueberry crop. White paid people for each bush they found with blueberries that measured at least 5/8 of an inch. Coville uprooted and grafted them.

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I misread that as white people paid for every crop they found. I was really confused why blueberries became a race issue.


In Atlantic Canada, we refer to these as “high-bush” blueberries, and generally regard them as inferior to “wild” blueberries, a different species with a similar fruit, that’s usually only about a foot or so high. Most local growers use the wild blueberries, which you can cultivate on poor, hilly ground that’s not good for much else.


Weird. Figured they were just another age-old crop.


This is a very confusing title and story . Blueberries grow wild all over the place …


And with this act of genius they created a type of berry that is huge and almost entirely devoid of flavor. Way to go.