Trucking boom prompts Old Dominion to add 1,200 drivers and dockworkers

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There has been a huge shortage of drivers industry wide, for years now. Saying that they “plan to add” is entirely different than actually being able to add. The older generations are retiring, and the younger gen Y and gen Z typically do not want to do this kind of manual labor, which is why every trucking company has been trying to reinvent itself to attract younger talent. All LTL and TL carriers are struggling to find qualified and willing applicants, to work the often times strenuous hours/schedules.


Self driving trucks is a good thought, not reality based in a truck drivers opinion.


Lol don’t need to tell you that defi market goes down! Did you see how many new DeCo projects were launched for this time? This is fantastic. Just check Swirge and you will see what I’m talking about


Those salaries, 99,000 for drivers. There’s competition for employees no doubt. Inflation is coming…