US calls China’s planned overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system a ‘direct attack’ on autonomy

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Man this thread is brigaded by propaganda from both sides. Yes Republicans are assholes and not democracy lovers, yes the US does terrible things, no your whataboutism isnt actually a genuine argument. Likewise, no Hong Kong was not invaded, Hong Kong was and still is China, but China still broke their promises and international treaties to take over Hong Kong both forcefully and through various forms of government and legislation that they had no legal authority to pass. Democracy in Hong Kong is dead in the water, China is directly instituting Hong Kong policy now and people from every side share blame in this disaster but there is one aggressor and one party breaking its international agreements and obligations and they should be unequivocally condemned and sanctioned for it.


Remember all that autonomy when the British ruled?


The more the US involves, the faster China absorbs HK. The very reason of the new security law is the fear of foreign intervention. HKers wear MAGA hats, wave UK flag, HK officials ask foreign governments to sanction China, even “liberate HK”. Ofc Beijing will kick these ppl out of the electoral system, what else do you expect?


Autonomy left the room a while ago.


Meanwhile US republicans are making it extremely difficult to vote.