Utah Legislature Passes Bill to Require Cell Phone Manufacturers to Install Pornography Filters

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Cell phone manufacturers: “Welp, stop shipping any more units to Utah for sale.”


“The measure, HB72, applies to “smart phones activated in the state on or after January 1 of the year following the year this bill takes effect.” However, **it doesn’t truly kick in until five other states pass similar measures.**” They also wrote it in such a way that they can pass it while being almost guaranteed it will never take effect. Its all political maneuvering without having to deal with it. Reading the bill, no only do five other states have to pass similar measures, they have to already be in effect in those states.


Say what now? That sound super dumb


They can just use the legislators’ bookmarks as a block list.


Should they also block coffee shop locations and regular underwear stores? Lol show some personal responsibility Utah.