Vietnam to teach Korean as first foreign language

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Travelling in Vietnam gave me the impression that it is to Korea what Mexico is to the States. I can see how speaking Korean would be a valuable skill to have, especially in the service industry.


Korean here, I really hope Koreans learn to treat Vietnamese people equally. So many look down on them and it makes me sad.


Korean sweatshop owners all over Vietnam just let out a collective kampei, took a shot of mokoli and slapped their concubines. They are dancing in the streets down in Phu My Hung right now! I used to teach English to Korean and Vietnamese office staff in a few different factories. They also had Korean and Vietnamese lessons but the Koreans are not interested in learning Vietnamese and the Viets mostly didn’t understand any Korean. This leads to a lot of grouchy Korean bosses throwing hissy fits at the workers, screaming at them in Korean which was totally unintelligible to the workers. The younger bosses are cooler but the old guys were downright tyrannical. When the riots were going down in 2014 and they started burning down Chinese factories the Koreans got super down with Vietnamese culture real fast. All of a suden there were big ass Vietnamese flags flying side by side with the Korean flags and signs on the gates proclaiming the foreign tyrants’ solidarity with the workers. Funny how all it takes is a couple torched factories to get some respect out of management.


I wish America had more choices in what languages to teach, we only had English, and Spanish growing up. Vietnam has English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Russian, now Korean.


Strange. This title is a bit ambiguous, and probably on purpose. You’d think from this headline that Korean is enjoying some privileged status. But then you read in the article that it’s only now entering a status already occupied by more than one European language. And it just seems a tad dishonest, to me. Vietnamese is the “first language” of Vietnam. Why would you want to suggest otherwise, dishonestly? This is politically driven, I’m guessing. A tiny little slight towards China?