What happend to the trenches and the battlefields after ww1

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Battlefield cleaners were soldiers and workers that had the task to clean a battlefield just after combats. In France during WW1 lots of contract workers from China and workers from the Indochina colony had the role to rebuild the battlefields to normal fields. Those were not supposed to stay in France but quite a few did and they were the first asian community in France


Most all were cleaned up, and put back to their normal agricultural uses. Every so often, one of the buried bunkers/tunnels will collapse leaving sinkholes. There was a situation a few years ago when a section of a farmers driveway collapsed into the bunker below leaving him stranded for several hours.


I’ve always wondered about places like the Western Desert and Kursk in WWII. There were literally millions of anti tank and personel mined- what did they do after the battles?


In Kiev you can still sometimes find WW2 trenches and moats in parks, if you don’t know what it is, you might think it’s simply strange landscaping. There are also many concrete machine-gun turrets to the south of the city, mostly also in forests, some blown-up, some whole (bit all metal has been scrapped). There are also at least two buildings with bullet marks from WW1 deliberately left unpatched for history sake.


Yes, yes, and yes. You can Google for “wwi trenches now” and see them. It’s fascinating.