What paranormal/creepy events have you experienced?

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Staying overnight with a very pregnant friend who was nervous about being alone since her furnace was having issues. Every time the furnace came on, it startled me. I was on the couch in what would’ve been the dining room, had been trying to sleep for hours when the doorway into the living room fogged over and an elderly man walked to the door, told me he was my friend’s uncle and not to worry, he’d keep an eye on things until morning. I just took him at his word and turned toward the back of the couch and zonked. The next morning I told my friend I’d had a dream about her uncle watching over the house. She gave me a weird look and asked what color his shoes were, I told her I couldn’t see his feet, they were in the fog. She laughed and told me he’d lost his legs to diabetes when she was young and died shortly afterward, but came to wake her up when the wood stove got too hot. After we ate breakfast she brought out a picture of some men standing together… I pointed out the guy I’d talked to the night before, it was him.


First night sleeping at my grandma’s appartment, they gave me the office room to sleep in. Comes midnight I hear a voice saying “vete”(spanish for “get out”). From that day onwards I slept with a cousin in the livingroom. Months later my cousin told me that while he was playing in the laptop at 3 am he felt a hand touching his arm. Like a solid feeling, none of that “I think I felt a hand”, nope, he said it was as if someone put their hand on his arm. A couple of months after I left that country to come to the US I was talking to my two cousins and: – One of them told me that while she was in the kitchen, she saw a face on the door that connected to the livingroom. – The other one(the one that had felt the arm months before) told me he saw a lady in the hallway right in front of the office room(where I heard a voice telling me to get out). The creepiest part about this is that it’s not only the apparment that is haunted, it’s the entire fucking building. Each apparment and floor has it’s own ghost story and it’s so bad that each person they have hired to be a security guard at night(since it’s a dangerous country) has quit because they can’t bear how bad it gets late at night.


I consider myself a rational person. Of course, most people would believe that of themselves, however objective they try to be. This is something that happened to me and a friend around eighteen years ago. I was hanging out with him and his cousin in his new house. This was a somewhat busy area near to a major commercial center. At around 9 pm we decided to take a walk to a convenience store for food. His cousin decided to stay at the house. It took us 30 minutes to get to the store. There was a fair amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. On the way back we both started getting this really weird feeling. It’s hard to describe now but both of our experiences matched up when discussing it later on. It felt like the air was much lighter. Thinner. The street seemed odd somehow. Out of place. All of a sudden there were no cars or people around. Everything went dead silent. This continued for a few minutes and we both started walking faster. What freaks me out to this day and what I could never explain is this: Both our watches stopped working. My digital and his analog. His watch stopped at 9:41 pm. He was later able to get it fixed… mine was dead for good. When we got back to the house, it was minutes to 11 and his cousin was freaking out. We were gone for an hour longer than we were meant to. There was no way we could have taken that long to get back. If anything, we walked faster than we did getting to the store. It’s something I usually don’t like thinking or talking about. Neither does my friend for that matter.


A few years back, a close friend died. I was washing dishes in the middle of the night and my back suddenly felt warm- like someone was hugging me from behind. It was comforting.


Security guard here. When I work alone, I always hear doors slamming in areas where I can clearly see there is nobody there. Motion sensor lights kick on on their own, and something likes to play with the radio volume, which is controlled from a little gear closet almost nobody has access to. You get used to it.