What was your “Wtf, how do people NOT know this?” moment?

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You need to clean out the lint trap in a dryer. I frequently come across people in their 30s that can’t figure out why their clothes take so long to dry…


That women can’t hold their period blood. I’ve seen so many people who were so surprised when they learned that you can’t hold the blood that comes out of you like piss.


My aunt once argued with me that H2O was was not two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, but a word on its own—maybe spelled Aitchtwooh? I was never clear on that. “It’s just another word for water it doesn’t stand for anything.” I was 13. I still get mad remembering it.


I was watching a sunset at the beach with a friend when she asked me why the ocean doesn’t extinguish the sun when the sun goes under the water. She was young, but an adult. Had a short conversation about the sun, the earth, and the rotation of the earth.


Some third graders I knew thought you could become President by killing the former one. They thought John Wilkes Booth became President by shooting Lincoln.