What’s a random act of kindness that stuck with you?

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A few years ago, living in South Korea. Just gotten back from a trip, and was trying to get a taxi from a highway rest stop at like 2am (aka, very difficult). Finally managed to book a taxi, but I couldn’t find the driver when he got there. He was calling me and getting frustrated, and I was getting overwhelmed. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to exist in a language that’s not your native language, but there usually comes a point where you’re so tired, you just can’t anymore, and even if you know you understand, it’s just not making sense. I had reached that point, so I sat down and resigned myself to losing the taxi and having to camp at the rest stop for the night. Some random old Korean man saw me crying and saying “I don’t speak Korean well. I’m sorry. I don’t understand.” and grabbed the phone, got me to the taxi, and his wife (I assume) handed me some candy and patted my arm and told me I’d be okay. And then the taxi driver was super sweet and was all like “It’s okay. You’ll be home soon.” All of them could have very easily ignored me, but were just like “Here’s a person who obviously needs help, so I’m gonna help.”


My manager texted me with a random cartoon question and when I had the answer he came in on Monday with 100$ for me cause I apparently had won him money. Felt pretty random since we nearly never talked and I think he just knew I was the office nerd.


When I broke my ankle, every single person looked at me on the ground bleeding and walked on. It was really strange to experience. One guy saw me, brought his whole truck around and offered to take me to the hospital. There was already an ambulance coming so I declined, but he sat there and talked to me and told me it’s going to be okay. He really sticks out. Almost 10 people walked by and minded their business while I was on the ground, my bone sticking out of my leg. He came up and helped. I really hope he’s doing okay.


A lady in the parc with her husband passing by, both well dressed, there was a guy sitting, didn’t look homeless but looked like he didn’t shower for a while, wasn’t crying then but his face suggests he had been crying his eyes out. The lady got on her knees, spoke to him and hugged him, she kept hugging him and conforting him. Her husband didn’t like that and kept telling her that they should be going, she just gave him a cold stare and kept hugging the sad dude. I fell in love with that lady right then.


Ran out of gas on a large interstate in the midwest in the middle of the day. I was headed home (3+ hour drive) for the weekend with my fiance for wedding planning stuff. Got out and hoofed it with a makeshift container in hand to haul gas back to the car and asked my fiance to stay seated with the only cell phone between us. As I walked up and got gas a mile down at a major interchange, a skeezy looking dude rolled up in a Thunderbird. He says, “Hey man, can I take you back up to your car?” I must have given him a look, he’s dismissive, waves off my concerns and and says I can trust him. I don’t want to walk but I figure it’s broad daylight, so we leave and he’s going off on a state highway in the literal opposite direction I need to go. I’m sweating my ass off and it is not hot out. He asks about 5 minutes in where I’m coming from and where I’m going. I give **as little info as possible** and mention that my fiance has a phone in I don’t show up soon. I am absolutely shaking at this point. The guy says, “Hey, man, you seem nervous….what music are you into?” I tell him I’m honestly open minded, which I’m sure doesnt mean a thing. He hits the power button on the cd player and, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, the cd player plays the same damn record *on the exact same song* that my wife and I were playing when the car ran out of gas. This dude takes a few quick backroad turns and pops out on the interstate behind my car in no time. I ask him why he helped me, he says he’s a dishwasher at the Cracker Barrel next to the gas station. He was on smoke break and saw me coming a way off. When he pulls up, he refuses any acknowledgement of his good deed and literally pulls off when I say “hold up, let me throw you a five for your troubles”. Probably sounds stupid but I just want to be as anonymously awesome as this dude was. He saved me from suffering just to save me from suffering. I don’t know what saints are, but this felt saintly af.