What’s a scientific fact that creeps you out?

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Caterpillars turn completely into goo in their cocoon, and then become a butterfly. ​ edit – This blew up. According to my inbox, many people have been creeped out. A good day’s work!


That so many vegetables came from the same plant. Broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc. They are, botanically speaking, the same species. Humans have just bred them to emphasize different traits (buds, leaves, tubers…) Imagine if humans were as genetically flexible. Imagine a person walking around with GIANT toes, but otherwise normal. Actually, plant genetics in general is a weird, weird world.


Because of some pesticides used, roaches won’t go anywhere near a meth lab. Edit: didn’t expect this much after reading some RPF. For those you are asking, meth labs have been known to produce toxic gas, like Phosphine, which a common insecticide. Phosphine is often used in silos to deal with vermins.


Parasites can live anywhere inside of you, for years unnoticed. A simple migraine could be a tapeworm crawling in your brain, causing damage. Your eyes begin to blur frequently and you don’t know why and it’s not getting better. Losing weight and having diarrhea but it’s not a stomach bug. Well, I guess it is… You are having a difficult time catching your breath and your chest doesn’t feel right. It could just be some parasite hanging out, using you.


Some mutations of just one letter in the DNA code can kill the fetus almost instantly, but some people live and have a seemingly healthy life while missing a whole chromosome. If you understand anything about biology, that’s completely wild.