What’s something new you tried that made you never go back to what it replaced?

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Roasted vegetables instead of boiled or whatever other gross concoction my mother made.


A good pair of headphones, whole new experience


Enderal It’s a total conversion mod for Skyrim, free on Steam. And it completely ruins Skyrim just by showing what Skyrim _could_ have been. Better NPCs, better story, better leveling system, magic system, cities, environment, everything. It is a completely new setting, all voice acted, and beautiful. For example: The main city of Enderal, Ark, is roughly 3-4 times the size of Solitude. It’s filled with NPCs, separated into quarters (Noble, foreign, merchants, etc). That enough is a huge step up, but then the city has an “Undercity” that is also as bid and detailed as Solitude. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to skyrim without comparing it to Enderal.


Real maple syrup. I can’t go back to that aunt Jemima sugar water now.


Breathing clean air instead of smoking tobacco all the time.