What’s your ‘oh shit! That child is evil moment?’

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I showed these neighborhood kids a birds nest in a cedar tree. Later that day I noticed that a couple of branches on that tree were askew, and when I looked closer the nest was missing. One little bastard had taken the nest behind his shed and smashed each chick with a hammer. When confronted he thought it was funny how upset everyone was. That smile on his face…


My niece (5) and nephew (2/3, idk) were bouncing on a trampoline. He fell over and started crying, my niece carried on bouncing him around. Like specifically bounced near him so he was jerked around. She didn’t know I was paying attention but when her mum came over to check on lil Tommy she immediately switched and looked so innocent- when her mum asked if he was hurt she started telling her mum “no, I think he’s bored of playing!” It’s a little worrying ngl.


Years ago I saw the neighbor kid outside, and their cat was lying on a lawn chair. He was playing with chalk and the cardboard tubes leftover from wrapping paper. He started throwing the big sidewalk chunks at the cat. And the cat didnt really react. Then he started poking and prodding it with a long skewer (like to roast marshmallows on a fire). And once again, the cat didnt react. Then he started hitting it with the wrapping paper tube, like really whipping the poor thing, and I couldn’t take it anymore and I banged the window and said, “hey!”….and he looked straight at me and said, “you can’t prove anything.” Needless to say I ended up rescuing that poor cat. Took it into my own house and loved it forever, until she got stomach cancer and was put down in 2017. Love and miss you Pritt.


A special needs student trying to stick a pin in another students eye bc he didn’t like him. he was angry all the time and fought with everyone. Poor guy didn’t seem to know what normal behaviour was. Feel sad for him bc what kind of like is he going to have. His parents refused to allow him to be diagnosed so he was expected to be normal and constantly disappointed bc he wasn’t and couldn’t measure up. Sometimes the fear of a child being judged not normal causes the child to be in a worse situation than he would be if they just accepted that he wasn’t.


I admitted a patient to the hospital for homicidal ideation and threat. He was 8. Mom and Dad had a newborn baby sister, he tried to kill her with a knife. Mom and dad both got cut up saving the baby’s life. That kid was psychotic. When I asked why his parents brought him to the hospital he said “Cause I’m going to kill my sister. They can’t keep me away from her forever.” And he meant it. And he was right. And actually had a nice, normal family too (highly unusual). He never went back to their house as far as I know. He stayed with us for a few weeks while we found placement in a home through the state and tried different psych meds and therapy-nothing helped. In that time he destroyed his room, attacked a nurse and twisted her breasts very hard, punched almost all the security guards at some point, peed on the floor and threw stool, threw a standing fan out of his room where it shattered on the opposite wall. A true psychopath.