“World first”: South Australia achieves 100pct solar, and lowest prices in Australia

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Read the article folks. They got all their electricity from solar alone for a period of “over an hour” back in October. Which is noteworthy and a first for a grid of its size, but not what you would assume from the title.


and yet, this is a great accomplishment. Maybe focus a little bit less on the headline and more on what the Australians have done.


That’s funny because our electricity is 37 to 50 dollary cents per kWh making it the most expensive in the world.


Unfortunately, due to the privatisation of power generation and the actual grid (which is insane) those cheap prices don’t flow down to the consumer. We still pay some of the highest prices for power in the world. Thanks, LNP.


The title is total bullshit. Look at the graphic it’s not 100% solar. On the grid at noon(peak solar) there is a bit of wind 400 mw gas 500 mw solar and 700 mw of ‘imports’. Even the article doesn’t claim 100% solar. ‘ Why are claims of solar and wind always being inflated? A more accurate title would be; Gas provides majority of power while for a brief instant the grid hit 100% solar and grid imports while having 400mw spinning reserves of gas.