World’s First Space Hotel With Bars And Cinema To Start Construction For 2027 Opening

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Oh please. 2027 for a station of that size? Yeah right. 2127, more like. It would cost tens of billions to assemble. This seems like some sort of PR stunt that will quietly be cancelled in the next few years, and then you’ll never hear of it again. Or they’ll develop a much, much smaller hotel that’s nothing like this original design.


You spend X million dollars to get the best view this side of the galaxy and you go and watch a film in the cinema?


More goodies for the wealthy while the poor get poorer because inflation is outrunning minimum wage and go fund me campaigns buy Christmas gifts for children and chemo treatments for their teachers who’s colleagues donate their sick days so they don’t have to teach while fighting cancer.


Listen, I love the idea of this but what security measures are there? I mean all I think about is that reporter who went into the submarine with that psychopath and she had nowhere to escape…


2027, we’ll be lucky to get to north Wales by 2027 let alone space