WWII: The Japanese Soldier Who Surrendered 1974

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There was a Japanese soldier found even later than Onoda. However, he was not treated as well as Onoda on his return to Japan.


Did he get back pay?


I kind of admired the guy for his dedication. But the tidbit at the end of him killing 30 people. Unfathomable. I’m soft I’m sure.


My dad served in the US Navy from 1950 to 1953. He spent some time on Guam. One night, a Japanese soldier came out of the jungle in tattered rags and surrendered to a marine standing guard duty. The marine told him to fuck off, thinking he was a panhandler. A local heard the guy talking and told the marine what the soldier was telling him. I believe that a day or two later, another one surrendered. It seems they saw my dad and his buddies playing baseball against the crew of a Japanese freighter earlier that day and figured out that A) The war was over, and B) They lost.


Surrendered to who?