You can rob people of precious seconds of their life by saying “that’s a palindrome” about things that aren’t palindromes.

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You just succeeded in wasting precious seconds of my life


Unless they ask you what’s a palindrome. Then they will waste your precious seconds


Did you know that palindrome is, itself, a palindrome?


My favorite bit from one of John Hodgman’s books: WHEN WRITING, PLEASE AVOID THESE FAILED PALINDROMES Slow speed: deep owls Drat That Tard Two Owls Hoot Who Owls Hoot Too (Owt) Sour candy and Dan C. Roused Desire still lisps: Arise! D. A man, a plan, a kind of man-made river, planned. Hobos! So! Eh, S’occurs to Me to Succor She Tow a What? Thaw! -John Hodgman, ‘The Areas of My Expertise’


You. I like you. Also works when you say ‘no pun intended’ when there’s no pun at all. Enjoy the polite smile mixed with a confused look while their poor brains look for a pun