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Wot this mean? Seriously, what does this chart mean? I’m trying to learn.


Stop looking at the short term effects and have a long term view. If you start selling your investments you will miss out on the recovery. If you are young this is a decades long horizon and don’t look at week to week swings. If I had sold my portfolios when the markets crashed after 9/11, financial crisis, COVID, I would have never recovered because those would have been real losses. If you trust your investments then they will go back up and each time they have and went even higher.


That’s a very interesting chart. Thanks for posting. One thing I fail to understand is why so much of the recent stock market correction is being attributed to the rising bond yield in the media. Bond yields work like gravity on the prices of stocks in the words of Warren Buffett; which makes total sense to me. But what I don’t understand is the violent correction in the face of such huge stimulus, because not only do I think this will cause massive inflation, but also points to the fed wanting persistent easy money policies. Wouldn’t be all that surprised if they went to negative rates if their backs are against the wall.


who in gods name is investing in stocks for dividends? this is ridiculous


This only looks bad if you are looking over last 12 month perspective