12-year-old arrested for four carjacking incidents in Washington, DC

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This 12 year old is going places.. probably jail.


He just wanted to do hoodrat stuff with his friends


I grew up with a few kids who stole cars at that age. Not holding up people at gunpoint like this guy, but breaking in and hotwiring them. There were many people driving older cars at the time so it was especially easy. One of them went on a joy ride and ended up hitting a car going in the opposite direction. The other driver was a locally well known school teacher and she died instantly. He ended up getting life in prison. Glad this kid was caught quickly and without incident. It could have gone much worse for everyone involved.


He forgot to use the “remove wanted level” cheat.


This stuff is being done at an adults direction. They pick kids cause they are out by 18. Hope they bring the hammer down on whoever is profiting of youngin’s crimes.