Abortion Helpline, This is Lisa (2020) – a short film about the Women’s Medical Fund, an abortion access fund in Philadelphia and the calls for help they handle every day [00:13:00]

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I am pro life. As in, I do not condone abortion so I will not have an abortion. But I don’t believe taking away safe procedures for women is an option. Before people spout off pro life banter, they better be supporting any and all changes that need to be made to help the poor. If education, wages, and healthcare are taken care of, there is a better chance that people will be thriving enough to take care of children. Or at the very least that they will have access to contraceptives so they don’t have to go through something this horrible. If you’re an advocate for the unborn, you MUST be an advocate for the already born!


As a Canadian, it is so heartbreaking to me that these women have to cry and beg for abortion funds from friends and family. An abortion is a traumatic enough decision without adding worries like this into it. 🙁 Mad respect for the ladies who have to take these calls and try to help every day. As a redditor, some of these comments are really gross, just saying. I don’t know how people don’t understand that offering safe and affordable abortions, education and contraceptives to women actually benefits them and society as a whole.


How long before conservatives start flooding them with fake calls or abuse?


The world needs more Lisa’s.


Thank you for your service at population control, Lisa