Allan McDonald, Who Refused To Approve Shuttle Challenger Launch, Dead At 83

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“*If anything happens to this launch, I wouldn’t want to be the person that has to stand in front of a board of inquiry to explain why we launched…*” “*So … I said I think this presidential commission should know that Morton Thiokol was so concerned, we recommended not launching below 53 degrees Fahrenheit. And we put that in writing and sent that to NASA.*”


His story is basically the summary of every major failure and catastrophe in modern history. The people in charge won’t listen to the smarter people doing the actual work and press on due to timelines and profits. They gamble because they have done it before and got away with it but one day conditions conspire and the results are different.


>”What we should remember about Al McDonald [is] he would often stress his laws of the seven R’s,” Maier says. **”It was always, always do the right thing for the right reason at the right time with the right people.** [And] you will have no regrets for the rest of your life.” Words to live by.


Fucking O-rings. I remember watching it on a roll-in TV in grade school. A bunch of kids started crying and all of our parent came to pick us up. That was the first time I really thought about death with any semblance of depth.


I highly encourage many of you (who are interested in the Challenger) to watch the Netflix documentary on it. Really shows you how fucked up the higher ups are and how little they valued human lives. Rest In Peace to him and the brave souls who lost their lives. Edit: they interview a lot of people who were involved in the entire project, including the families of those who lost their lives.