Always download your bank/credit card statements!

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Try walking in a few different branches and talking to different bank reps. I used to work at a bank and our policy was to submit a request to the back office which would charge $5 per statement but the only employee who enforced that was the branch manager. Everyone else had more of a heart and would print them out in person for free as a “one time accommodation”.


Financial institutions are required to archive statements for 7 years, but they can charge for having them pulled. If you are ordering multiple years worth of statements you may be able to ask for an hourly charge instead of a per statement charge. At my institution it is $25 per hour instead of $3 per month for mailed statement. It does not usually take a full hour to pull 7 years of statements, so that may be a cheaper option for you if they can accommodate the request.


I worked in a retail bank for 4 years, I can’t tell you how many times older people needing 5 years worth of bank statements to prove assets for Medicaid/Medicare eligibility. Our back office charged crazy money to print and send through the mail to the customers requesting the statements. Before you call the 800 number call your LOCAL BRANCH tell them what you need and 99% of the time they are willing to print multiple years out. Be patient with them though it take about 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to get them prepared for you. Doing this on mobile, spare me.


Am I missing something? $180 to get the statements is probably less than the hard drive and the time you’d waste every month doing this. There was a service called Manilla that did this automatically, I wish personal capital or mint or someone would add that feature to their platform.


Joke’s on me! My bank only offers online statements if you turn off paper statements. I only did that last year and have been throwing out the paper statements. Whoops!