Another ex-aide calls Cuomo’s office conduct inappropriate

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>“I understand sensitivities have changed. Behavior has changed,” Cuomo said. “I get it and I’m going to learn from it.” Women have always hated being kissed and touched by their employers. They hated it when his father did it. The only thing that’s changed is people call it out now. It’s been decades of women fighting this kind of behavior and this jackass has the stones to say this is all brand new information for him and he’s suddenly going to learn from it. Fuck Cuomo.


I’m a NYS employee, and the mandated sexual harassment training CLEARLY states that everything he actually admitted to is wrong and actionable. He should be following his own rules.


I’m glad he’s getting his comeuppance. HOWEVER, it’s frustrating to see his covid nursing home policies, which killed many, and subsequent coverup get washed away in the news cycle by all the new #metoo revelations. I hope for the sake of the families that this prick goes to jail for a long time.


His #metoo conduct OR the killing elderly people and then hiding it conduct?


This guy is and should be going down. His party has turned on him and the public is disgusted with him rightfully so. It’s pretty galling, though, that the biggest and most impactful story about pandemic governance involves sexual assault allegations. Even in his own state there’s a massive nursing home scandal brewing. In other states you’ve got governors that are arresting opponents or denying the reality of the virus. But America focuses on sex.