As an adult, few things are as satisfying as using the perfect sized Tupperware container to store your leftovers

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And few things are as frustrating as when for some mysterious reason none of the tops and bottoms match


In the same note, few things make you feel like a responsible person as when you actually eat said leftovers before they go bad and you just throw them out.


dude… you have no idea. I had to bump up one size pyrex bowl for tonight’s leftovers and felt so dejected that I contemplated stuffing down like 10 more bites of soppy joe filing just so I could completely fill up the next-size smaller pyrex bowl. I was already stuffed though… šŸ˜„


Not to brag, but I get it right the first time every time. Probably just jinxed myself.


My wife seriously has a gift. She always finds the container that perfectly fits. I just stopped guessing and just show her the leftovers and she just says, “ehm, the green one”, and it fits every single time.