Atheism is liberating.

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Sadly, not everyone wants to be mentally liberated. Oh, everyone says they desire Freedom, because they know Freedom is a Good Thing. And they say they’re not Fascists, because Fascism is a Bad Thing. But those are all just words. Shortcuts. When you look at how a lot of people act and the things they try to do, it becomes clear that they are Fascists who find Freedom to be threatening and yucky.


Minor correction Religion is not based on faith; it’s based on fear


I think that the freedom is exactly what some people find so scary. I’ve seen many religious people who admit that if it wasn’t for the idea of eternal punishment, they would act way worse than they do now. I think that some of those people simply don’t trust themselves to live life knowing that there won’t be anything to stop them (aside from actual laws of course)


Before I lost my belief in God/Jesus/the Bible, I struggled constantly with feeling inadequate in my faith, never good enough in any aspect of any of it. It was such a relief in many ways to shake that mantle off of my shoulders.


you’re wrong. buddhists are atheist, there is no claim to science inherent in atheism. atheism is just that, a(without)theism(god)