Bowling Green State University student in critical condition after alleged fraternity hazing incident

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The fraternity really screwed the pooch. They fucked up this kid and then told everyone he was dead when he’s still alive. I hope he pulls through.


I went to this school. This particular fraternity is always in hot water with the university. They tick basically all the boxes of “stereotypically awful frat bros.” They’ve done racist group Halloween costumes, giant parties during the pandemic with not a mask to be seen, held up signs in front of their (university-provided) Greek housing saying “drop your daughters off here” on move-in day, you name it. These people are vile and unfortunately it was only a matter of time until something like this happened.


I go to school here and last year Stone was my next door dorm mate and we would watch browns games together. This shit is heartbreaking.


I’ve never understood why fraternities are even still a thing.


Hazing defines hazers as the exact types of people and behavior that should be shamed and destroyed from decent society. They are examples of the very kinds of ideas no society worth joining or tolerating should be tolerated. If a social group practices such a thing, it is a warning in neon not to join or tolerate them because they are primitive, wrong, and savage. There can be no honor or trust there.