Can someone who understands nutrition explain to me realistically why a can of Sugar Free Monster Energy Drink is bad for you?

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Echoing what others said here. Everything in moderation. I think the main health issue with energy drinks is when kiddos are consuming them regularly, and that’s more a caffeine issue and its association with heart problems in immature cardiovascular systems. From your comment below, it sounds like you’re using these to replace cigarettes. Congrats x100000 on quitting, that’s amazing! If you’re a fully baked adult, honestly, having a sugar-free energy drink or two isn’t much different than people who drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day, and sooooooo much better than smoking.


Where do some of you actually get your information? It’s refreshing the top comment is the one that doesn’t scare people away from a zero calorie drink. I swear people are more afraid of artificial sweeteners than they are alcohol and it’s just plain odd.


They aren’t.


I appreciate everyone’s replies and input, all duly noted!


They’re absolutely fine. The primary issue will be that they’re a fizzy drink and so bad for enamel, so drink them through a straw. The caffeine content is still within daily allowances and the sweeteners used are absolutely fine. Anybody saying that they’re bad for you is wrong, ask them to explain why they’re bad for you and you’ll quickly realise that they can’t (this is usually quite amusing). Providing you don’t drink multiple a day and mess about with your sleep, you’re fine.