‘Catastrophic’: UK has lost 90% of seagrass meadows, study finds

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“The catastrophic losses documented in this research are alarming, but offer a snapshot of the potential of this habitat if efforts are made to protect and restore seagrass meadows across the UK,” said Alix Green at University College London (UCL), who led the work. “The UK is lucky to have such a resource in our waters, and we should fight to protect it.”


So how do we find out at 90%. Was no one paying attention when it was 60%?


> Scientists say restoring the lush habitats would boost wildlife, protect coasts and store carbon > The UK has lost more than 90% of the lush seagrass meadows that once surrounded the nation, research has found. > Scientists described the decline as catastrophic, but the latest analysis also shows where the flowering plants could be restored. A resurgence of seagrass meadows would rapidly absorb the carbon dioxide that drives the climate crisis and provide habitats for hundreds of millions of fish, from seahorses to juvenile cod.


I keep seeing a mass die off in the news at least twice a week. This planet is really fucked.


I think the destruction of the environment at this point is trying to usher in a non-beginning