Complaints to Google about racism and sexism met with therapy referrals

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Reading this story was like reading a synopsis of what I experienced in tech. The two who made my life miserable at my tech? Both recently hired into leadership roles at Google. One is even head of DEI for AI.


That’s some serious gaslighting. “Sorry you feel that way, maybe you should get help to fix your feelings. Because they’re wrong.”


I just held my finger on the upvote waiting for the angry react to show up. This is bullshit. Therapy should be for the perpetrators.


This doesn’t sound like the onion


> Benjamin Cruz, a former instructional designer in Google’s Cloud division, was caught off guard when a colleague told them that their skin was much darker than she expected. > Cruz, who is Mexican American and prefers to be identified by the pronouns they/them, reported the incident to human resources in 2019 where personnel told them they should “assume good intent,” Cruz recalled in an interview. A lot of the problems today is people assuming the worst out of everyone by default. It seems like the assumption of no ill intent (which is different from “good intent”) is okay. It seems like today’s politics means people bring the knives out right away to start carving. > …asked if they were sexually interested in their teammates. Yikes, not sure what’s up with asking about sexual interest in teammates. That’s definitely not okay. > Curley said that, in 2019, a manager asked her which of her teammates she would sleep with. Jeezus c’mon google lol. Btw, not to be insensitive, but is there anywhere that mentions the races of the managers? I think people might assume white, but from my experience in tech a lot of white people know not to “go there” for some things. Were these managers S. Asian (Indian) or E. Asian?